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Our Mission



We want to make this world a good place to live in:
Our mission in life is to see most people happy. Being cash strapped can cause severe tensions and absurd pulls and pressures in life and can strain relationships and cause diseases. We want to be able to make a small difference to the world and end the preventable miseries.
Already the world is suffering from all kinds of maladies, social, political and economical and there is a high chance that when you are in a sudden financial fix kind of situation, there is nobody around you who will catch hold of you and let you stay afloat. We want to be those that are able to extend a small twig to you so that we can stop you from drifting away into more dangerous waters.

We want you to believe that the world still has good people in it:
We know that when we lend you payday loans, we expect you to pay it back to us at the end of the term of the loan and also at the due date of the loan. Believe us, if we could not take it at all from you, we would still be happy but our mission is to help as many people as you who are in more dire straits than you are but whose hands no lender holds because they do not project an excellent credit score.
The money that you repay will again form the corpus for the needy employee who has finished his account a little too soon and is afraid that he may not have enough to even be able to buy groceries for the last week before his account is credited with his pay.

We want to help:
We give you small payday loans at extremely good rates of interest not because we want to make anything out of it but because we want to make something out of you! Cheers!!